Video Production

IM360 captures raw, authentic emotion & expert visuals in every video.

Event Videos

Event videos provide organizations and companies memorable assets that will continue to live on. Content created in advance adds special appeal when promoting upcoming events, and the pre-produced videos can be shown at the event to incite more action and giving from your live and virtual audiences. IM360 crews can also film the live event so magical key moments and behind the scenes footage are preserved and can be repurposed to share out on your website and social media platforms. From concept to reality, our beautifully filmed and edited videos allow your event to live into the future.
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Behind the Scenes

Red Carpet Live
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Red Carpet Live
Virtual Events
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Virtual Event Production

Storytelling Videos

Storytelling allows companies and organizations to develop a deeper connection with their audience by conveying genuine, raw emotion. We are experts at creating impactful content through journalistic style storytelling and visuals.

Brenda Warner - Treasure House
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Brenda Warner – Treasure House
Derek Weida - Rush Club
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Derek Weida – Rush Club
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Letitia Frye – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Social Media Videos

IM360 produces both short and long-form videos specifically created to boost engagement, captivate, and develop a deeper connection with your viewers. Long-form videos can be condensed into digestible micro-content to leave viewers wanting more. Interviews, behind-the-scenes, announcements, reveals tutorials and more allow your company culture to be highlighted on social media. Our videos are also fully optimized for mobile viewing.

Social Media Videos
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Promotional Video

Event Highlight Video
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Event Highlight Video
Social Media Videos
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Video Testimonial


DocuStories and DocuSeries make the most of dramatic and emotional elements. IM360 focuses on attracting and retaining viewers by creating meaningful and memorable content. Rapidly coming into its own, documentary-style formats will give your brand a chance to be creative and tell your untold stories – stories that need to be shared.


Phoenix Art Ball
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Phoenix Heart Ball

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Open Hearts Family Wellness
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Global Family Philanthropy

Web TV Show Productions

Create digital TV-like shows and episodes that allow your business or organization more creative freedom and innovative storytelling. Web TV shows focus on engagement and building your audience. Productions can be single episodes or a complete series for long-term content planning. IM360 will help customize and design sets that align with your company’s brand. From concept to final edits, IM360 can help you plan and deliver a live broadcast show tailored to your audience.
Digital TV Shows & Segments
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Sunday Spotlight
Good Morning Sunshine
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Good Morning Sunshine

Catholic Charities Expands Mission In Arizona
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Frontdoors TV

Post Production Services

IM360 editors will sort through your raw video footage and professionally weave together all the best elements. The look you want for your final video is always discussed before we begin. Our editing team also offers image and audio enhancements that can include the addition of motion graphics, voice-overs, and music. We finish by adjusting brightness, contrast and color before delivering the final piece.

Video Editing

Just tell us the style, length and purpose of your video.

Video Editing

Upload your footage or share a link with us on the cloud.

Video Editing

Stabilization, color grading, effects, titles, transitions – we deliver it all in a professionally edited video.

No Video Project Is Too Big Or Too Small

We do all types of videos, so let us know how we can help – on location or at the IM360 Studios