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Our Podcasts feature stories of inspiration and second chances. Listen as we share real-life stories that motivate and inspire.

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Inspired Media 360 produces Digital TV series and episodes geared towards YouTube and other Social Media Platforms.


Shining a spotlight on inspiring stories and inspirational people along with Life, Style, Fitness, and Finance.

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About Inspired Media 360 TV

IM360 is a firm created out of love and a deep passion for storytelling. We are a social-first media shop that focuses on storytelling across platforms. Our mission is to tell the story behind the story; to inform, inspire and engage communities with the power of optimism. We create and amplify content through our podcasts, digital TV segments, blogs, columns, and social outreach.

Founder, Carey Pena, had a successful career as a local news anchor, investigative reporter and political show host. But, on many of her assignments, Carey felt something was missing and needed more attention – Inspiration. IM360 has grown from that spirit.

Carey Pena