Peace, Love and All Lives Matter with Arizona Music Legend Walt Richardson

“Music does everything for my life.  It feeds me, it heals me, it gives me the opportunity to connect with people.  It’s a language.”

Walt Richardson is an Arizona music legend and a man full of life lessons and poetic words. He was inducted into Arizona’s  Music Hall of Fame at the Tempe Center for the Arts.  What he calls one of the great joys of his life.

Climbing to the top of the music industry isn’t easy, but Richardson has managed to do this with grace and a positive spirit.

He likens his quest for a peaceful life to music.  “When a note doesn’t fit, I call it a bad vibration.” It is good advice for all of us to limit the “bad vibrations” in our lives.

The other thing Walt Richardson limits is being competitive with others.  Rather, he looks at himself as competition.  Constantly challenging himself to evolve.  The next song being better than the last song and the next show being better than the last show.

One of eight children, Richardson’s father was a Tuskegee Airman who left a legacy of rising to the occasion no matter what the obstacle.

When we asked for his thoughts about the Black Lives Matter movement, Richardson told us he has an “interesting take on the planet as a whole.”

He believes as long as we are “putting labels on ourselves” we are always going to have some sort of issues.

“I know there are some hateful things and damaging things going on out there.”  He goes on to say, “we can’t solve this problem with one person.  It’s all of us.”

The Sr. Richardson used to say, “when you are in a tough situation, don’t split, don’t quit, just sit.”

Walt Richardson’s parents brought him up to be ambitious, soulful, and always follow his dreams.

“There’s a lot of people walking this planet with a story in their head,” Richardson says.

His story was all about music and his family encouraged him to write the story the way he wanted.