The Making of a Music Star with Austin Burke


Rising country music star, Austin Burke, has overcome struggles.  Finally, his dreams are coming true in Nashville.

Austin, and his father, Shawn, have dealt with serious financial issues. Shawn Burke says they weren’t thinking about the future, but just living day to day.

“It was tough to see my dad so down and my family so down,” Austin says. “I really found music in that moment and in that time. I started writing songs that meant a lot to me and that was sort of a way for me to let out how I felt.”

Austin always used music as his outlet and spent a year in his room just writing songs. He says he didn’t realize how bad things really were for him and his family, he just appreciated the little things. He says living in a small house with his family were some of the best memories of his life.

Starting at a young age, Austin Burke was always tied to music. He sang the National Anthem at major sporting events.  “My generation, we’re dreamers.” Austin says. “My parents always allowed me to dream and whatever that was, they supported me in that.”

Austin has lived in Nashville since he was 19. Working at a restaurant, he made a lot of connections who now help him in his music ventures. Burke created a community that would support him and says, “I’ve always been in it for the long run, I’ve never wanted this instantly because I know that’s not realistic.”

Burke’s single “Sleepin Around” has received one million streams. Austin keeps his humility, and is grateful for all that has happened.  “I feel so blessed to have these tools God has given to me. Once you figure out how to use those tools, it’s like your life makes sense.”