The Fight To Cut Off Congress’ Unlimited Credit Cards with Nick Dranias, President Compact for America

“We have taken out a 3 million dollar debt on our children”.  Nick Dranias, President of Compact for America, says we can’t afford to “kick the can down the road” any longer.

Currently Dranias is trying to rally State support coast-to-coast for his efforts to cap how much Congress has to spend.  Yep, a cap.

He breaks it down like this: Imagine you have a credit card with unlimited spending power.  Next I’m going to tell you ice cream has no calories.  Not really, but it seems as ludicrous as handing a politician unlimited, and unchecked spending power.

Dranias tells us his goal is a balanced budget.  He says his proposed Compact for America does not dictate what how or what to cut — just how much Congress ultimately has to work with.

When considering healthcare, education programs, even roads and infrastructure, verses simply reigning in the ability of Congress to spend our money, Dranias says, “I’ll pick the latter.”  Cut the overspending before you cut necessities. This is basic home economics.

Compact for America is trying to get this done through balanced budget amendments.  Basically, States would agree to certain terms, like limits on lines of credit to start. He points out; giving “debt addicts” unbridled access to our wallet is crazy. The plan is to encourage States to take charge of fixing Washington’s broken machine. Humbling, but that’s one tough repair.

Opponents say an amendment such as this could open “Pandora’s Box” and lead to unintended consequences.

It is one of the arguments Nick Dranias will have to tackle as he takes his case to the masses.

He lives and breathes this stuff saying his inspiration is his children, ages nine and eleven.  Like so many hardworking Americans, when going to bed at night, Dranias says he worries about their future. “I do what I do for them,” he tells us, “because we have an infrastructure problem in this country. It’s not sustainable, and the States need to lead.”