Simplicity Is The New Big: 3 Ways To Simplify Your Life with Coach Darleen Santore

“If we all created space for MORE LIFE and LESS stuff or overcommitted schedules we’d feel more free, present, joyful, and focused. LIVE MORE with LESS distractions… you’ll fly higher.”

Coach Darleen Santore is on a mission to help people simplify their lives!

As an occupational therapist, her role for 22 years has been helping people live life to the fullest and reach full potential.  Now more than ever, she says, she’s noticing people consuming so much that they are overwhelmed, weighed down, and exhausted.

On this 33 minute episode of Transformation Tuesday, Coach Dar shares 3 ways you can simplify your life.

And she opens up about how making these very same changes in her own life helped her transform.