The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong with Matt Phillips

Founder of Pro Athlete Advantage, Matt Phillips, says the world’s greatest leaders have one thing in common: Mental Toughness.  Phillips teaches athletes and business leaders around the country to have mental toughness.

As a former athlete turned entrepreneur, Matt teaches people mental toughness by beginning with their core foundation. His concept, called ‘Build your Stand’, is based off a book called Navy Seal Ethos. “I set that foundation with everybody.” Phillips says. “The principals and values that are driving our life, what are the actions and behaviors that are driving our daily decisions. Let’s make sure that core is there because then we can start building from there.”

Matt Phillips says in the sports and business worlds, the mental side is a big factor.  Everyone has the ability to be mentally tough, but most people don’t know how to act upon it.  Phillips talks with his clients about how to set up for success, and their goals. He says the power of thinking is very important.

Phillips believes getting up 15-30 minutes early every day will improve your life in a positive way.  He says, “If you start looking at what you’re doing with your morning and you fill it with things that energize you and get you excited and fired up and you accomplish something during the morning and you walk in the office confident, focused, emotionally in control, calm and your day starts out unbelievably well.”

Matt breaks down mental toughness into four different areas:  Confidence; Focus; Control; Perseverance.

“I have put a tremendous amount of effort into myself, developing my mental muscle, my mental toughness in the business world.” Phillips says. “I get to see people reignite that flame inside them, I get to see it be lit.”