Political Strategist: “It’s gonna get a lot worse. Save the barf bags.”

“It’s gonna get a lot worse.  People should be prepared and save the barf bags from the airplane,” says Phoenix based political strategist Marcus Dell’Artino.

Dell’Artino and Democratic strategist Barry Dill both from the firm First Strategic join us for the Week In Review on a week when there were a lot of big stories.  

Here’s what we talk about in this podcast:

  • Donald Trump takes on a Federal Judge and unleashes on the media in a tirade that dominates the headlines.
  • Trump University comes under fire as internal documents are released.
  • Questions are raised about how much money Trump actually raised for Veterans.
  • Hillary Clinton lashes out in a speech about Donald Trump.
  • Clinton faces more questions about her emails.  Will this scandal follow her to the election?
  • Speaker Paul Ryan endorses Donald Trump (and takes a lot of heat).
  • Democrats in California get ready to go to the polls — can Sanders pull off an upset?
  • U.S. economy only adds 38,000 jobs in May, according to the Labor Department.  The worst monthly job gain since 2010.