with Dr. Stacie Stephenson

About the Expert:

Dr. Stacie Stephenson, DC, CNS. She’s a pioneer of functional and integrative medicine who has dedicated her life’s work to helping people create vibrant health from within to prevent chronic disease and recover from illness naturally. Dr. Stephenson was a practicing physician for 15 years before becoming Chair of Functional Medicine for Cancer Treatment Centers of America and a board member of The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists℠ (BCNS℠). She has partnered with the American Heart Association for nutritional outreach, serves on the Board of Directors for the Gateway For Cancer Research, works tirelessly as a philanthropist, and is an advocate for children’s health worldwide.

About the Podcast:

The Vibrant podcast with Dr. Stacie Stephenson discusses how to live a more vibrant life. Dr. Stephenson has been a functional medicine practitioner for 15 years with the goal of getting to the root of chronic disease. She’ll be bringing you inspiration, advice, and strategies for improving your health from the inside out, so you can glow with vibrant energy, and live a longer, more productive, more vital, and functional life.

Vibrant with Dr. Stacie Stephenson

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