Podcast​ ​Production​ ​Services

Per​ ​Episode​ ​=​ ​$180

  • Paid Episode-by-Episode
  • 30 minute recording time
  • Basic editing with Adobe Audition
  • Podcast Setup and Multi-track Development
  • Intro, Body, Outro with music layering
  • Editing, Post-processing, equalization, normalization and further sound enhancements
    1. In other words, I’ll make your podcast sound like it came out of a radio station given you have the right equipment.
    2. The volume throughout the entire podcast will be equal from start to finish.
    3. Edits include the removal of sentences and ideas instead of filler words like “uh” and “um”. Editor does not remove empty spaces between words, extra breaths unless needed.
  • Assembled professionally and timely.
  • Usually turned around in 48 hours with advanced delivery of files.
  • Podcast Setup and Promotion = $200
    1. RSS Feed Verification Setup
    2. Syndication to popular podcatchers
    3. Podcast player integration to WordPress site (if necessary)
  • Additional re-edits =$75 per episode
  • Individual Audiogram Highlight :60 second = $100

4​ ​Podcasts​ ​Per​ ​Month​ ​=​ ​$597

  • Everything in the BASIC PLAN
  • 60 minute recording per episode
  • Podcast Setup and Promotion Included
  • free re-edit per podcast episode / Additional re-edits = $25 per episode
  • 3-Month Commitment
  • (Paid at the beginning of every month in full)

ADVANCED​ ​PLAN (Most Popular)

  • 6​ ​Month​ ​Service​ ​=​ ​$3,300​ ​(Save​ ​$300)
  • Everything in BASIC and STANDARD PLAN
  • 3 free re-edits per podcast episode
    1. Includes basic sound-designed intro
    2. Professional Voiceover
    3. Royalty-free music
  • (Paid in full before service begins)

1​ ​Year​ ​Service​ ​=​ ​$6,000​ ​(Save​ ​$600)

  • Everything in BASIC to ADVANCED PLAN
  • Includes professionally sound-designed intro and outro
    1. Dynamic sound effects
    2. Professional Voiceover
    3. Royalty-free music
  • Additional sound-designed ideas for segments
    1. 6 total for the year
  • Unlimited free re-edits of any podcast episode
  • Two :60 second Audiograms professionally sound designed with your podcast highlights per month
    1. Audiograms are video files that catch attention to viewers when scrolling through the Facebook feed.
    2. Can be used on Instagram and Twitter
  • (Paid in full before service begins)

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