How To Notice What Is Not Working In Your Life. And Fix It

Tanya Wheeless, CEO of Happy Grace, speaks about her journey to happiness. This journey first began when she noticed something was not working in her life. Tanya decided to find out why she was not happy even though she appeared to have everything. Following law school, she went to work for one of her clients as CEO for Arizona Bankers Association, which then led her to working as the senior vice president for the Phoenix Suns. While with the Suns, Tanya Wheeless mentored the players with their off – court development and through this, realized her true passion in life was to help others succeed. This realization was the starting point to where Tanya Wheeless is today. She is happy with her life and filled with gratitude.

Yes, to others Tanya had it all. She worked hard and was successful in her career, had a nice home and a wonderful husband and children, but she was not happy. She discusses the sadness that she felt even though she had everything she could have possibly wanted. Tanya’s breaking point occurred one day while on a run. She began to cry when she had nothing to cry about and realized that something needed to change. Tanya decided to take more than a year off work to figure out what was not working in her life.

As Tanya states, “I don’t know that things were missing…the problem was that I wasn’t seeing the blessings that were right in front of me.” She goes on to explain that even today not much is different in her life. What changed wasn’t her life, it was her. She says that by making small changes in ourselves, we allow the peace and happiness into our lives that is right in front of us. The hardest question we ask ourselves is, “why am I not happy”? Tanya says this is something we don’t talk about a lot. She says that we need to let go of what we cannot control, and we have to be “great with now. There might not be a tomorrow.” On that corner, when she was crying, she thought “life should not have to be so hard”.

Tanya Wheeless then went back to work to begin another chapter of her life as an executive coach. She traveled across the country and worked with some high-level men and women, but in her new career, Tanya noticed they were having the same struggles that she had been through – being happy. It was during a vacation trip, on a plane, she had her a-ha moment. Tanya realized that the magazine featured products for beauty and clothes but didn’t offer anything that would help nourish a person’s soul.

Happy Grace was created to offer this nourishment. Tanya states that, “I wanted everyone to have access to the tools and the method that people pay me thousands of dollars to have.”

Tanya Wheeless uses Happy Grace to help those who struggle with happiness take notice of what is not working in their lives which includes being kind to yourself and letting go of what you can’t control, which is everything other than you. She explains her, “glow method,” in how to be happy and states that, “the fastest way to shift your feeling state is by just noticing what is working. It is not possible to be angry or unhappy when you are in a feeling place of gratitude.” Today Tanya feels awesome and says, “I love who I am more than I ever have.”