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Coaching with Carey

Carey Pena, our IM360 founder, brings over 20 years’ experience as a Veteran News Anchor, Emmy Award-Winning Reporter and Political Show Host. Carey has worked with some of the best on-air coaches, vocal coaches and consultants in the country, and she shares ‘best practices’ and ‘tricks of the trade’ with her clients.

The techniques used by on-air personalities can be used by anyone to improve the way they present themselves in front of the camera or audience. Working with individuals and groups, Carey imparts her unique coaching methods, techniques and tips to help each and every client shine.

Whether you have plans to speak in public, appear on camera, create your own social media videos, give presentations or interviews, Carey will help you feel comfortable and prepared, so you can deliver your message with confidence.

Carey Pena on Set

What Media Coaching Means For You

Podcast Coaching

Trouble expressing your thoughts when the mic turns on?

Too many uhms, stutters, fillers or dead space because you are not sure what to say…

We want to get you the right attention.

Learn to connect with your audience, control your message and become a superstar storyteller with professional podcast coaching sessions. Our Inspired Media 360 coaches help podcasters overcome nerves and bad habits so their podcasts flow and they deliver their message with confidence.

"It went great! No trailing my thoughts off into oblivion. I am beyond thrilled that I was able to work with you. I was so confident that I knew where to sit, how to sit, where to look! Thank you!"
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