What people are saying about our Inspired Media 360 team, led by Veteran News Anchor, Carey Pena.

Celebrity Auctioneer Letitia Frye shares personal thoughts about working with Inspired Media 360. Author, Designer, and Sustainability Expert, Tracey Martin, shares her experience working with Inspired Media 360.

“Inspired Media 360 has proven to be a tremendous asset to the Global Family Philanthropy organization. Carey has helped us at our annual fundraising gala to attract new donors and volunteers. Brilliant storytelling, strategic branding – Inspired Media 360 not only produces powerful stories – they bring your work to life. Their services are a key component to Global Family Philanthropy’s growth, prosperity and greater connection to its donors and volunteers.”

Lori Goldberg
CEO, Global Family Philanthropy organization

“Carey is a true leader in the industry and brings real stories to life. She is caring and supportive of those suffering from disabilities and allows individuals to just be themselves. True character!”

Kristen Sandquist
CEO, K2 Adventures

“Thank you so very much for this moving and insightful piece! Carey, your talent and skills are apparent at every turn! As promised, this piece is timeless and highlights the core of who we are and what we do! Many thanks for all you do for the charities here in the valley.”

Patti Luttrell RN, MS
Co-Founder, Children’s Cancer Network

“The story is simply BEAUTIFUL. We appreciate this great opportunity. It will generate great awareness.”

Lisa Doromal
CEO, Dress for Success

“Over the course of my career I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a variety of media and journalists from Al-Jazeera to the Wall Street Journal. Carey set herself apart from the first time we met by bringing a sincerity and passion to our meetings that regularly transcended “the story” and conveyed her personal interest in the subject and her intellectual honesty to get things right. It’s obvious that factual correctness and an ability to empathize when appropriate set her apart from the run of the mill journalist who simply moves from one story to the next. Carey is a different kind of journalist, in the best possible way.”

David Kervin
Chief Operating Officer and EVP Business Development

“Carey is a true professional in every sense of the word. She rises to every task assigned to her, and delivers with true grace. Carey is a hard hitting news woman, very dedicated to her craft and to bringing the truth to the people. Anyone given the chance to work with Carey should consider themselves very lucky to be among one of the best news people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Gretchen Pahia
Owner, Media By Connection; Public Relations and Communications Specialist

“Carey is an exceptional story teller. She pays attention to the details, which makes all the difference when it comes to complex industries like mine (health care). She’s definitely a reporter you can trust, and I have always been pleased with the outcomes of the stories we’ve worked on together.”

Rebecca Armendariz
Public Relations Director, Banner Health