GOP Strategist: Donald Trump Is Really A Liberal

“I am waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say you’ve been punked.”

Sean Noble, a Republican Strategist with the firm Axiom Public Affairs, believes that there is almost a guarantee at this point that there will be an open GOP convention.

“It can’t be Trump, he will destroy the brand.  It is much better to have a brutal process than nominate Trump.”

Noble was an early backer of Marco Rubio, the establishment favorite.  But the Florida Senator’s path to nomination looks less likely by the day.  If he gets beat in his home state of Florida, it’s lights out.  

And if Trump takes Florida and Ohio, he goes into the July convention in Cleveland, Ohio as the clear front runner — whether Republicans like it or not.    

Noble remain suspicious.  

“Nobody planned on Trump running.  I don’t think he was all that serious.  I think when he got in it was kind of a publicity stunt and I think he tapped into something with the American people that was unfortunate.”  

The wealthy businessman breaks all political molds.  He appeals to the masses of angry and frustrated Americans who desperately want someone to shake up our broken system.  

Trump is, by all accounts, a populist and his supporters say they like the fact that he is less partisan and beholden to no one.

“He’s not even close to conservative,” Noble says.  If you watched the debate last week it was amazing he could not put together any policy or substantive answer on anything.    I think he’s liberal.  He reflexively goes back to that opinion.”

As thousands continue show up for his rallies and voters turn out in record numbers to support him, the Trump train is running full speed ahead.  

If the Republican party refuses to get behind him, the brokered convention — as much of a mess as everyone thinks it will be — appears more and more the likely scenario.