IM360 produces a wide variety of content. We work with corporations, charities and organizations creating storytelling videos to be shown at events and galas; we produce brand videos for both individuals and companies; we work on documentary videos both singular and series; and we develop thought leadership content. In addition, we produce digital TV shows.

We are not a Public Relations firm. Rather, we stay focused on being innovative content creators. We’re obsessed with great storytelling and compelling ways to bring stories to life. Our videos can be used as part of a PR, branding or marketing campaign. And all of the projects we work on are featured on our networks and social media platforms, so authentic promotion is included in everything we do.

This is a current industry buzzword, but this approach can really make a big difference in how a story is told. What is the new headline? What is the most emotional or compelling aspect of the story? For us, it’s not about selling who you are or what you do, it’s about sharing. Everyone has a story.

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