Trump v Everyone with Republican Political Strategist Sean Noble

“We will look back and realize this is one of the greatest hoaxes anyone has played on the American public in a long time.”  That’s what Republican Strategist Sean Noble had to say about Donald Trump’s surging poll numbers.  

Noble, who is well known in Conservative political circles, is President of American Encore, co-founder of DC London Inc, Partner at Axiom AZ, strategist, blogger, and outspoken anti-Trump Republican.  

An estimated 22 million people tuned into the first debate.  In the second debate, Carly Fiorina takes the stage alongside 10 male candidates, including Doctor Ben Carson.  

Carson has now risen to second in many polls, just behind Trump, and Fiorina has surged enough to qualify for the second debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.

Trump has recently criticized Fiorina’s looks, saying of his only female Republican rival: “Look at that face!  Would anybody vote for that?”  He said listening to her voice gives him a “massive headache”.   He has also mocked her business career.  It could be awkward between the two rivals — and millions will tune in to see the good times roll.  

“They changed the rules to get Carly Fiorina on the stage,” Noble says.  “The real question is whether she meets the test.”

In his blog, Noble Thinking, he calls Trump an “unserious candidate.”  He told us on the Podcast, “There is the highest disdain toward Washington we’ve ever seen in histoSean Noble on Carey Pena Reportsry and people are looking at who can give Washington the biggest middle finger.”  Score one for The Donald.  

“He is going through the process as if it is a reality TV show, and it’s not being serious about a very serious issue, that is who do we elect in a free society as the next President of the United States.”

Noble believes Marco Rubio is the most likable of the candidates and has the most ability to get support across the aisle.  But can he break through and get his message to the masses?  

As an aside, we always like to ask our guests about what personally inspires them, or have them tell us something about themselves outside the obvious.

Sean Noble is absolutely devoted to The Bar Method.  The hour long classes, based on the ballet bar method, are grueling and known to deliver incredible results.   He says it has changed his life.