Alternative Medicine Offers Therapies To Help Reduce Stress

The Lion coming to get you.  

That is how Robert Koagedal describes imbalance and stress in our lives.  

Koagedal is board certified to practice Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, botanical medicine, and nutrition, and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He has built a very successful practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Koagedal helps people fight a range of problems from back pain and arthritis, to infertility and weight control.

He tries to get his patients to focus on finding the “off switch”; being more mindful, free, open, and in balance.

“There is no rocket science in this, and it is mostly because our culture doesn’t train in this.  It is not necessarily a part of our cultural heritage to learn these skills,” Koagedal says.  “We are not put on this planet to be in a state of anxiety overwhelmed by the world.”

In treating patients for stress and anxiety, as well as a range of other associated ailments, Koagedal focuses on the central imbalance.  He teaches people to self reflect and ask themselves if they are fulfilling their sense of connection and purpose.  

“Learn to relax, tap into that deep part of your being that allows you to feel connected,” he says.

Often easier said than done.  

“I swim in the same sea,” he acknowledges, “I have kids and I run a business.”  This is where the mindfulness comes into play.

Nutrition is also a big part of solving medical problems for patients.  Gluten, sugar, and soy are all potentially dangerous to the body in his view.  

Currently he is trying out a cleanse that banishes sugar from the body.  Only a few days in at the time of our interview, Koagedal is already feeling great benefits (after the coffee withdrawal headache had passed).  

For each person, the prescription to better health is different.  But Koagedal believes the basic principles of Chinese Medicine and learning to find balance can benefit all of us.  More balance, less stress.
When asked what personally inspired him, Koagedal replies, “I am inspired by creative thinkers that are looking at solving some of the larger issues.  We have to think bigger, and think larger.  Live with a vision of love and how we all come together for a beautiful world.