Tree of Life intention stick creating change around the world with Scott & Marla Berger

Scott and Marla Berger, founders of Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, did not expect to create the movement but they did. By designing the Tree of Life Intention Stick in an effort to unify humankind and allow people to heal themselves, the Tree of Life Movement was born. The Tree of Life Intention Stick is said to be more than just a necklace. Scott and Marla Berger believe it to be a healing tool.

Scott describes the necklace being used as a way to open people’s hearts and allow the carefully chosen words placed in the necklace to inspire. He explains the intentions, once placed inside the necklace and worn close to your heart, are designed to help you heal yourself and perfect those words in real life. Allowing one’s heart to open up and letting the intentions in will allow for an effect to take place. Scott and Marla describe intentions as having causes and effects. The Tree of Life Intention Stick serves as a purpose to remind one’s self what intention he or she decides to perfect to help us heal and become unified.

When stories from those who wore the Intention Stick started coming to them, Scott and Marla began to realize just how special the necklace was that they had designed. One story in specific that Scott touches on was that of a man named Tony who had been suffering from Lyme Disease. Tony, a self-proclaimed skeptic and believer in all things scientific, listened as Scott began to explain The Tree of Life Movement and the purpose of the Tree of Life Intention Stick. Scott then placed the necklace around Tony’s neck. Tony was overwhelmed with emotion as his pain dissipated with the placement of the Tree of Life Intention Stick, bringing both men to tears.

According to Scott and Marla, the goal in creating the Tree of Life Intention Stick was originally a way for them to give back in a healing way. Marla explains how they believe healing oneself and loving oneself is the hardest thing for people to do. Both Scott and Marla have faith that this Tree of Life Movement will not only help people heal themselves, but that it will also help those who have been healed, reach out to heal those around them joining in Tree of Life Movement.