Amplify your Brand or Business by teaming up with Inspired Media 360

Inspired Media 360 takes a smart, modern approach to advertising and content marketing.

We share authentic, relatable information about your business/brand through digital TV shows, podcasts, influencer campaigns, social media and sponsorships.

Because IM360 and Founder, Carey Pena, have a following and subscriber base reaching well over 100K, we have widespread influence. Carey has teamed up with ABC News, Frontdoors Media, N2 Publishing, and continues to team up with other publishing platforms and influencers to spread the word about inspirational people, brands and businesses.

Podcast Sponsorship

Sponsor our podcast, Carey Pena Reports, to benefit your business or brand.  We will customize the topic and have you on as a guest.  The show is released in radio format on iTunes and Stitcher, as a digital TV show on Facebook and YouTube, and on our web platform, Inspired Media 360.

Talk Show Sponsorship

Our 20 minute talk show is focused on how to live a better life – on all levels. Sponsorship includes mention off the top of the show, customized content in the show, plug of sponsor’s social media, and name mention in closing credits. This show is released on, YouTube and Facebook, and publicized across extensive social media channels. In addition, shows are promoted with a variety of our TV, online and print publication partners.

FrontdoorsTV Sponsorship

Sponsorship includes a three-minute Charity Close-Up segment on Frontdoors TV. IM360 provides a one-hour on-location interview and b-roll shoot, plus incorporation of images provided by your organization to produce a compelling story about latest initiative, program or fundraiser.

Once aired, you will receive a digital copy of the segment for use at your next event, on your website, or in your next e-newsletter. As an added bonus, both Frontdoors Media and Inspired Media 360 will share your video content across all of our media platforms upon airing the show

Live Events

Going LIVE is the best way to bring attention to your event.  How about making it look like live TV?  Inspired Media 360 can produce and host a live event.

Video Ads

Is there a success story or new development that you want to create buzz about? Do you want to bring attention to a topic, product or service? Our team can create a customized video that is a deeper dive on traditional advertising. You can run the ad on one of our IM360 shows, use it on your website, and across all social networks.


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