IM360 is a social-first media shop that focuses on storytelling across platforms. Our mission is to tell the story behind the story; to engage, inform, and inspire communities with the power of optimism. We create and amplify content on our talk shows and podcasts, and through our blogs, columns, and social outreach. Our team also works on brand building campaigns for clients. Want to connect or contribute?

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How did it all begin?

Inspired Media 360 is a firm created out of love and a deep passion for storytelling. Founder, Carey Pena, had a very successful career as a local news anchor, investigative reporter and political show host. But she felt something was missing: Inspiration. On many of her assignments in Arizona and across the country, Carey felt the story behind the story deserved much more attention. When tragedy or disappointment strikes, how do we make a comeback? The power of the human spirit is something Carey was intrigued by and wanted to report more on.

IM360 has grown from that spirit. Our company is made up of people who want to put more positive into the world. The team at IM360 includes entrepreneurs, PR pros, digital gurus, social influencers, creatives, fitness freaks, tech lovers and, in general, people who are passionate about life.