A second act for the NFL’s AC Caswell: Inspiration


Today we welcome former Oakland Raider star turned humanitarian, and founder of Million Dollar Mingle, AC Caswell. Caswell is not only doing great but more important “doing great things”.

AC Caswell grew up in South Central LA without a father. Luckily, Caswell had a great mother and support groups like the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA.

Caswell was also blessed to be a gifted athlete. With the help of his support system he stayed away from the drugs and gangs that surrounded him.

After graduating from Glendale Community College, Caswell forfeited his dream of playing at a four year university when he turned professional in track and field.

Caswell had been told his whole life, “you’re too small…you’ll never make it”, but he believed he had a purpose and a plan.

His mom had been diagnosed with cancer while he was in high school and he wanted to give back.
The NFL gave him that platform, an eight year old girl gave him a reason.

Million Dollar Mingle is a “high luxury vehicle for fundraising: that brings great people, professional athletes, celebrities and executives, together to raise money for lesser known charitable causes”.

Caswell and his team members find causes that have meaning to them, ones they are passionate about.

AC Caswell goes on to explain that he maintains an “an athlete’s mentality” expecting the charities to also market and work along with his organization.

Caswell thanks Al Davis, the Oakland Raider’s owner.

According to Caswell, Davis was a player’s owner who taught us, “don’t be afraid to compete…be big, be bold, be successful” Al Davis was a mentor and a marketer, and tried to prepare his players for their future after football.

In February, Million Dollar Mingle will be raising funds for the Rise and Dream Foundation and Bad Girls Do Good Things. Both charities support causes personal to Caswell.

Bad Girls Do Good Things raises money for breast cancer research and education.

Rise and Dream Foundation supports underprivileged kids. Their slogan has meaning Caswell says, “You can come above your situation…rise above all the doubters and naysayers”.

And remember, “Look at yourself in the mirror and say why do I do what I do? We all can make a difference in life” AC Caswell is proof you can rise above.

For more information on Million Dollar Mingle visit http://milliondollarmingle.com/